3 Reasons Why Businesses Use Landscapers for Lawn Maintenance in Lakeland

Lakeland, Florida visitors are often surprised to find that many area business properties are as lush and beautifully groomed as nearby homes. Most appear to seamlessly blend in with the tropical atmosphere, so it is easy to assume that the elegant grounds are easy to create. In reality, most of these properties owe their appearances to experts like Florida Ground Pros. Not only do they design landscaping for many businesses and multi-family communities, but also maintain the grounds.

Experts Offer Full-Service Groundskeeping

When commercial clients chose property landscapers for lawn maintenance Lakeland professionals actually provide complete groundskeeping services. That means that technicians keep yards, gardens, parks and estates attractive, safe, clean and healthy. They are carefully trained and use industry-approved standards to plant, harvest, weed and fertilize. Groundskeepers may also remove snow and ensure that driveways are clean. They generally prune topiary, tend to landscape lighting and ensure proper drainage. Many deal with wildlife and insects. They can also add plants that repel or attract various species.

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Professionals Make Short Work of Routine Tasks

Since many companies that provide property maintenance also installed the original landscaping Lakeland groundskeepers can provide efficient services. They set up schedules that ensure properties always look their best. General services include edging, mowing, hedge trimming, weeding and blowing debris from driveways and walking areas. In addition, they can re-seed or re-sod damaged areas. During Lawn Maintenance Lakeland technicians may prepare properties for the demands of changing seasons. They provide pest control and ensure that properties get the right amount of water to thrive year round.

Specialists Keep Irrigation Systems in Good Repair

Professionally landscaped commercial properties in Florida always include built-in irrigation systems. During landscape installation Lakeland experts carefully plan and install elements that include buried pipes and valves as well as sprinkler heads and timers. Most are designed to be automatic and require little care. However, sometimes vehicles run over them, they get obstructed by foliage or begin to leak. As a result routine landscape maintenance includes irrigation system inspections. Technicians can easily spot signs of problems such as overspray on sidewalks, non-working sprinklers, and flooded areas. Fortunately, most of these are fairly simple fixes. Professionals repair leaks to prevent floods and remove obstacles that are obstructing sprinkler heads. They correct rotors that are spraying water in unwanted areas. Technicians also replace missing nozzles and even correct design flaws.

Many Florida businesses and communities rely on professionals to install landscaping and then maintain properties. Landscapers offer complete groundskeeping services as well as year-round general maintenance. They also install and maintain irrigation systems.

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